An Introduction to GALS: Galatea

21 Oct

Welcome from the Editor of Galatea 

“The animated figures stand
Adorning every public street
And seem to breathe in stone, or
move their marble feet.”

The myth of Galatea is an enchanting story. Pygmalion carved the most beautiful statue known to men, and the lonely sculptor fell in love with his creation. In a moment of sympathy, the goddess of Aphrodite animated the statue during the night. With a passionate kiss at dawn, Pygmalion breathed life into Galatea. It is a striking image: marble turning to flesh. The statue became a woman in a magical moment of ancient Greek magic.

We know the story of Pygmalion. What happened to Galatea?

We, as GALS and Galatea, strive to tell the story of a woman come to life from a statue. What exactly does that mean?

GALS hopes to bring awareness and life to the economic, social, and political concerns of women in conflict zones throughout the world. This is the most obvious function and explanation of this organization, but it conveys a deeper meaning for us when we gather to discuss these issues. We will be reporting on those debates in the hopes of encouraging further discussion online and in the wider world.

Galatea, as the publication for GALS, wishes to advance a fair, open-minded discussion of women’s issues and global affairs across all sections of campus and across the neighborhoods we live in. It would be easy to exist within an academic bubble, safely removed from the realities of women around the world who face immeasurable hardships with determination and courage. However, GALS wants to be exposed to the uncomfortable truths of female inequality and of conflict, poverty, and struggle around the world. We will host events to encourage such debate across the political, academic, social, and economic spectrums of campus to encourage that level of “uncomfortable”. We want people outraged, contemplative, and concerned about the issues facing women in the most terrible conflicts around the planet.

Thirds, GALS and Galatea want a truly academic discussion of everything — from political science, sociology, anthropology, gender studies, and economic – related to women, a feat facilitated by this blog. These goals have been criticized by everyone from diplomats to statesmen, academics to realists for their supposedly “difficult” demands on humanity, but GALS as an organization found itself drawn to the hope of a better future for all of humanity.

Therefore, Galatea invites everyone to contribute to the practical and theoretical discussion on, to the positive actions towards, and to the compassion for women around the world. A truly engaged individual, in our opinion, is able to view problems as challenging but not impossible to overcome and is able to distinguish between the facts, the opinions, and rhetoric of a debate and the individuals beyond the debate. The engaged individual is the most valuable member of society because he or she is truly interested in the advancement of all agendas, viewpoints, and goals.

Galatea, once again, thanks our contributors and viewers in advance for being engaged and compassionate individuals. Your input and concern is appreciated and carefully considered by the Executive Board and the Editorial Board.


Molly Cunningham
Editor in Chief of Galatea  


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