Women in Religion

29 Jan

Welcome back to Winter Quarter, GALS readers! 

Our theme for this quarter is women in religion — a contentious but interesting theme for any discussion.

This topic certainly poses awkward questions from across the political, economic, and social spectrum. For example:

Does religion oppress women?

Is religion good for women?

Why are women more religious?

Does religion lie about women?  

(And on, and on, and on…) 

GALS, (Gender, Activism, Leadership and Service) will be examining these difficult questions about women in religion week by week. We shall consider various religious traditions week by week, and we shall consider the role of women in such traditions:







We shall even consider the evolving role of women in religion over time and throughout history. We shall host discussions on the subject. We shall host speakers from across the academic spectrum. We shall host religious and secular speakers. We shall screen movies. We shall host dinners. We will create and host art. 

Regardless of the medium of conversation, we want to consider the power, prestige, and problems faced by women in religion and outside of religion. 

Welcome to Winter Quarter! This should be interesting!  


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