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Community Service Update!

7 Nov

Community Service Update

“Feminism + Theater!”

Emmaline Campbell
GALS President  

This week, GALS got out of Hyde Park and up to 20% Theatre Company in Lakeview. 20% Theatre Company is dedicated to strengthening the presence and raising public awareness of women artists in theatre. It is estimated that only 20% of theatre professionals are women. By providing educational opportunities for women directors, producers, designers, and playwrights, 20% Theatre Company Chicago strives to increase the number of women in theatre.

This weekend, GALS joined 20% Theatre Company at a tech day and helped them get their space ready for their upcoming show, House of Yes. We painted the set and put up posters for the show.

GALS President Emmaline Campbell shows off her painting skills. 

It was great to meet some other activists around Chicago who are taking on feminism in a totally different way than we are: though theater. It was also nice to see a room full of women during sawing, painting, drilling, and putting up lights. It was a great community experience, and a lot of fun!

GALS Board Member Blair Byg, having a “great community experience, and a lot of fun!”


Emmaline Campbell is the President of GALS and is a second-year in the College. She is our fearless commander-in-chief, and she is always up for challenges with a smile.

Editor’s Note: Community Service Updates will cover Community Service Days hosted by GALS and will discuss the benefits of community service to the discussion on gender issues.